Digital Biomarker Discovery Education

dbdpED is an educational platform for digital biomarker discovery. With tutorials, case studies, and educational videos, dbdpED provides a resource for learning the steps to using mHealth and wearables data to discover digital biomarkers. dbdpED is for all ages and abilities. We believe anyone can discover digital biomarkers!


We have many tutorials in the form of case studies available here at dbdpED. We have 3 levels of tutorials for beginner, intermediate, and advanced digital biomarker discoverers. We currently offer tutorials in both Python and R.


The Digital Biomarker Discovery blog publishes articles on the development of digital biomarkers using mHealth and wearables. Blogs consist of short articles, tutorials, overviews of DBDP tools, and digital biomarker discovery resources.

K-12 Outreach

We have developed workshops on digital biomarker discovery for grades K-12. We want to inspire the next generation of digital biomarker discoverers. If you are a K-12 school interested in partnering with us, please get in touch!

Our Mission

Digital biomarkers are digitally collected data that are transformed into indicators of health outcomes. Digital biomarkers currently require extensive domain knowledge and computing skills. The purpose of the DBDP is to provide code sets, functions, and algorithms for the entire digital biomarker discovery pipeline to make discovering digital biomarkers more accessible. From the input of wearable sensor data to the development of machine learning and deep learning algorithms, we have provided an open source software resource for the digital biomarker community.

dbdpED was founded to expand the educational efforts of the DBDP and make digital biomarker discovery more inclusive.

Featured Blogs


Introducting dbdpED: the educational platform for digital biomarker discovery

The advent and ubiquity of smartwatches and activity trackers like Apple watches, Fitbits, and Whoop smart rings have transformed the way we measure physiological signals. These trackers have enabled us to define — and… Read More

by Karnika Singh

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Digital Biomarker Discovery Pipeline

‘Biomarkers’ are biological markers of health outcomes (i.e. diseases, conditions, or health/wellness). Digital biomarkers are biomarkers that are collected digitally from a variety of sensors — and… Read More

by Brinnae Bent


Working with Continuous Glucose Monitor data

In this case study, we will be using continuous glucose monitor (CGM) data. CGMs are commonly used by people with Type 1 Diabetes. — and… Read More

by Brinnae Bent

The dbdpED Team

We are a dynamic team passionate about getting digital biomarker discovery tools into your hands!

Jessilyn Dunn, PhD

DBDP Founder

"Digital biomarkers are the future of medicine and dbdpED will train the next generation in this emerging field"

Brinnae Bent

DBDP Lead Developer, Co-founder dbdpED

"Digital biomarkers and digital health should be accessible to all - and that is what we are aiming to do with the dbdpED initiative"

Karnika Singh

Co-founder, dbdpED

"dbdpED envisions to make digital biomarker exploration more inclusive and foster innovation in digital health at all levels"

The DBDP was developed and is curated by the Big Ideas Lab at Duke University. The BIG IDEAS Lab is developing digital biomarkers for a range of diseases and conditions using a variety of sensors.

The DBDP has been made possible in part by grant number 2020-218599 from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative DAF, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

The DBDP has partnered with Open mHealth and MD2K Cerebral Cortex to open-source digital biomarker development.